ASKO Dishwasher Review: The Third Rack

ASKO Dishwasher Review: The Third Rack

November 11, 2022     Posted in ASKO

ASKO Dishwasher Review: The Unique Third Rack 

Similar to other European dishwashers, ASKO offers a 3rd rack at the top of the dishwasher. This rack is mean to hold cutlery, silverware, ladles and demitasse cups. 

Unlike models from Bosch and Miele as well as domestic brand like KitchenAid and GE, the ASKO third rack does not run along the entire width of the dishwasher. 

Asko Dishwasher 3rd Rack 

 The Asko top rack measures 13" across. 

Most other 3rd racks are around 18"-19" across. 

So is this an inferior design since you can't place as many pieces in the ASKO third tray? 


ASKO Dishwasher: Unique Design for a Reason 

The reason ASKO decided to limit the width of the 3rd rack was so that they left room on both the left and right side for stemware or taller glasses. 

These types of glassware will not fit height-wise on a dishwasher with a traditional 3rd rack. This is one reason why many people remove the 3rd rack of their dishwashers. 

The other reason folks remove the 3rd rack is that they don't want to mindfully load the 3rd rack piece by painstaking piece. 

So the ASKO 3rd rack design solves this issue. You can keep the 3rd rack for your silverware, (thus freeing space on your lower rack by removing the silverware basket), and still have ample room for stemware or larger glasses.

Yes, You Can Remove the ASKO 3rd Rack 

We do have customers who are adamantly opposed to using 3rd racks. They complain about the space they take up, or the annoyance of slowly loading the rack, one piece of silverware at a time (in order for pieces to clean properly they must be placed in each notch). 

So for those inclined to take their 3rd rack and throw it in a closet, the ASKO will allow you to remove it effortlessly. 

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