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  • Traeger Pellets - 10 More Reasons to Buy These for Your Smoker

    I've been using Traeger pellets for a few mos now and I'm really impressed by the results I'm getting. The price is right, I love the selection of woods (Alder? yes!) and we are stocking them here in the showroom so we always have bags ready to go for you. 

    I was able to dig some interesting bullet points on the Traeger pellets which clearly state why they are great pellets and should be considered for use no matter what type of pellet grill you are you hear me Yoder, Memphis and others pellet smoker owners?

    Here's our rundown as to why you should buy Traeger Pellets:

    ·         Traeger has spent years developing blends for wood types that don’t burn or smoke well on their own

    o   100% Blends of Oak, Maple & Alder pellets.

    o   Blends of 70% Alder and 30% - Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite & Pecan.

    o   This blend results in better burn to smoke ratios. Other pellet manufactures do not do this, resulting in inefficiency and inconsistency.


    ·         Traeger’s Main Focus for Wood Pellets is for BBQ Grilling

    o   Other pellet manufacturers produce pellets for heating or livestock bedding. ‘Food Grade’ pellets are secondary and will be tainted as they are processed on the same machinery.


    ·         Traeger Wood Pellets are made from Raw 100% Natural Hardwood

    o   Traeger builds and owns our wood pellet mills.  Our plants are located at the source of the wood: Saw Mills.  We oversee the process from raw wood all the way to bagging.

    o   Other pellet manufacturers use wood from flooring or old cabinetry. They are able to strip the outer layer but do not have a process to rid the wood of chemicals that leach into the inner layers.


    ·         Traeger Wood Pellets Pioneered the Standard for BBQ Pellets

    o   There are no ‘food grade’ pellet regulations so Traeger is committed to creating standards that don’t allow for ANY non-food grade ingredients.

    o   Traeger uses food grade soy bean oil as a binder.  That’s it! Only 100% natural hardwood and soybean oil; it’s expensive but it allows Traeger to stay 100% natural which is important to our consumer and us.

    o   Other pellet manufacturers use plastics or non-food grade oils for binding.


    ·         Traeger Wood Pellets have a Consistent & Deliberate Ash Content %

    o   Traeger wood pellets stay at 5% to keep a perfect burn (BTU) to smoke ratio.

    o   Lower than 5% the wood burns too fast, too hot and has too little smoke.

    o   Higher than 5% the wood burns too slow, does not have enough heat and produces too much smoke.

    Other pellet manufacturer’s ash % has large +/- factors causing their pellets to have inconsistent burn


    ·         Traeger Wood Pellets have 0% Bark Content

    o   Bark is considered a “dirty chip” meaning it has actual dirt in the product and does not burn as clean.

    o   Bark increases the ash content and lowers the BTUs.

    o   Bark creates a ‘hard ash’ causing more build up requiring more frequent cleaning.

    ·         Traeger Wood Pellets’ pollutant emissions are lower on average than any other pellet manufacturer

    o   This results in a cleaner burn that is more environmentally friendly.


    ·         Traeger  Wood Pellets Must Pass the Test

    o   If our pellets don’t meet the above standards and requirements we do not use them.

    o   Traeger wood pellet mills have 3-5 burn tests a week to make sure our pellet quality is consistent.

    Traeger wood pellet mills are open for tours to view the entire process from raw wood to bag‘hard ash’ causing more build up requiring more frequent cleaning.


    Call Curto's at 1-800-966-2878 for your Traeger pellets or stop in the showroom,

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