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  • Ten + Reasons Why Traeger Pellets Rock


    Ten + Reasons Why Traeger Pellets Rock


    So what do you smoke with?


    I've been using Traeger pellets with my Memphis grill for a few months now. I've begun to turn my customers on to them as well based on my experience and everyone has dug them. So I was surprised when one of the charter members of the Brotherhood of Smoke (our unofficial club for Curto's customers who love all things dealing with smoke n' fire) reached out to me to complain about his Traeger pellets. He owns a Memphis Elite and he had observed excessive ash build-up on his Memphis shortly after switching over to  Traeger pellets. Since I genuflect at the altar of customer service, I decided to take this up with my Traeger contact and see what he could tell me about their pellets. 

    Suffice to say, I was hit with a motherload of pellet info.  Read on, and prepare to be schooled on all things Traeger pellet...


    Traeger Wood Pellet mills are owned by Traeger, and exclusively process only Traeger wood pellets. 

    Traeger does not make heating fuel wood pellets.

    Three Traeger pellet bags are 100% flavors of wood: Oak, Maple and Alder 

    Other flavors are 70/30 blend, with Alder as the base out of the NW plant and Oak as the base out of the other 2 plants in Ga and Tx

    Why the 70/30 Split? Traeger has tried 100% of these flavors and they either don’t get the proper BTU’s or proper Smoke ratio’s. So they're out!

    There are ZERO chemicals, additives, waxes, petroleums, monsantos or fracking used in the making of Traeger wood pellets. 

    The process from start to finish is developed 100% around creating food grade pellets for Traeger and other pellet grills. 

    Traeger inspects all our virgin sawdust sources, we don’t buy open market scraps. 

    If your pellet brand makes any heating fuel pellets, you are eating whatever they use to make that you want heating fuel pellet chemicals involved with your family's food?

    It's all about the process..multi step drying process to be exact...finished with 26K lbs of pressure and a maintained 5% moisture content. 

    And in order to maintain that 5% moisture content Traeger covers and shrink wraps every pallet

    Not that I needed all of this info, but damn, if you were on the fence about Traeger wood fuel, you've probably been converted! 

    We keep Traeger wood in stock so give us a call or stop by if you need any bags. And keep on smokin....

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