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  • Memphis Grills - 9 Reasons You Need To Buy One

    Folks, I have 5 grills sitting in my yard and which one am I using the most?

    My Memphis Wood Fired Pro Grill. It is simply amazing.

    Aside from the incredible taste that wood pellets impart on the food, this grill brings such amazing versatility to the proverbial table - I can sear, grill, smoke...can probably even roast in it since it basically operates like an oven!

    Please call us or visit the showroom and we'll answer any questions you may have about the Memphis Grill lineup. 


    Here's a list of 9 reasons as to why you should buy a Memphis grill: 

    “Double-wall constructed, hood liner,  and sealed gasket”

    A design that seals up the firebox which benefits - Fuel consumption, 1lbs. per hour at 350 degrees. Temperature control. No big fluctuation in temperature from differing ambient conditions.


    5/16” 304 stainless steel grates

    Pretty much indestructible. Unless someone drives their truck over your grates, you’ll never need to buy a replacement set.


    Venting Design

    Unvaried venting across the top/back of the grill (Pro/Elite) Balances thermo-dynamics providing consistent temperature control from the left to right side of the grill.


    Hopper Divider

    In competition, there’s strategy to mix different wood to get custom blend of flavors. I.e. Hickory and Apple, or Oak, and Cherry etc. The divider does that automatically for you.


    Fuel to Fire separated with an air gap

    We designed the air gap to prevent the heat of the firebox from being too close to the hopper. We also designed the feed system to drop pellets down a ramp vs. a steady feed system from the burn pot to the hopper.


    Stainless steel construction – Down to the rivets

    We know stainless last longer than carbon steel, we know that stainless is a better conductor of heat than carbon steel.We know that stainless looks classier than carbon powder coat, we know power coat on a hot surface flakes of over time. 5/32 stainless rivets don’t losen or rust like bolts do overtime. Quality USA made product with many many years of use.


    Grease management overall clean-up

    Extremely easy. Standard foil cake pans collect grease and ash from below.  Drip Edges that keep water out of the hopper and away from the firebox.


    Offset Igniter Design

    We designed the igniter channel with longevity in mind. We designed our igniters to sit offset of the burn pot. Not directly in the burn pot.


    2 Convection Fans

    Instead of one combustion Fan (that you would find a cheaper pellet smokers), the Pro & Elite get 2. This not only aides in surefire ignition in -20 degree cold climates, but circulates the air evenly through the cooking chamber – Get the same cooking result by cooking up on the top rack as you do on the bottom, to left or right. 

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