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  • Review: Memphis Wood Fired Grill vs. Tri-Tip Steak

    Editors Note: I had a much longer review which was unfortunately lost due to my computer freezing. Definitely a test of patience. 

    In the past, the keyboard would have been put through the screen. Now, I just breathe it off....


    One of the reasons I began to support the Memphis Wood Fire Grill was because of Steve Raichlen's love for it. 

    I've owned one for a few months now and it's time to start posting about what I've learned about this incredible tool. 

    Recently, my butcher brought in tri-tip steaks, which are known as the cut of choice in southern California (birthplace is in Santa Maria). The beauty of the tri-tip is that it tastes like steak, cooks like steak but slices like a brisket. 

    I took one home, seasoned up with sea salt, pepper and Mike and Denny's Pixie Dust. 

    Taking a cue from Steve Raichlen's lead, I decide to reverse-sear it, so I would cook it somewhat low and slow for about 45 mins and then open up the flame hatch on the Memphis Wood Fire grill and sear it at the end of the cook. 

    The Memphis Grill truly showed its versatility with this cook because I was able to set it up for an indirect, slow cook (remember this grill acts more like an oven) by setting the intelligent temp control at 275 degrees (somewhat too hot in hindsight) and then when it was time to sear I simply removed the indirect plate, inserted the direct flame insert and I was searing away for 3 mins per side. 

    Results: An incredibly tasty cut of beef. My wife actually opined that it was the best cut she has tasted in months (and I've made alot of steak). There was nice gritty bark on top that was juxtaposed by a tender, moist medium - rare interior. 

    A few things to note: 

    1 - my butcher places score marks on the tri-tip to establish where the grain is for carving. If you were to just cut into a tri-tip against the grain, you will end up with a stringy, sinewy mess. Mind that grain folks because that's one of the reasons why tri-tip is such a treasure - it slices effortlessly like a brisket. 

    2 - it may have been pilot error but I did not find the meat probe on the Memphis to be of much help. It was my first time using it and when I inserted it into the tri-tip after the first 45 mins, the reading was over 150 degrees. No way that was accurate so I resorted to the old faithful poke test to determine doneness. Again,I don't want to throw the Memphis meat probe under the proverbial bus yet, so let me use it a few more times before I but a Thermapen!


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