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  • Wolf OG54 Grill Pics and Review

    Here is a Wolf OG54 grill that we installed this summer in Bronxville NY. 

    The customer purchased the 54" grill head, side burner, access doors, side drawers as well as a SubZero outdoor fridge. 

    I think the look of the stainless with the trademark red knobs play off the stone work beautifully. 

    Wolf probably doesn't get enough hype on their grills - they are made by Twin Eagles of California and I was fortunate enough to own an OG36 36" grill/cart for about 3 years. I always liked the fit and finish and the few times I had service issues Wolf was fantastic about handling things in prompt fashion. The only issue I had (which I made several videos about) was the grill's penchant for flare ups. In hindsight I may have simply been cooking at excessive temperatures which would lead to volcanic spouts of flame no matter which premium grill you use. 


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